Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting a New Floor...Part 2

What hectic weeks these have been!

After two weeks of me tearing out carpet, tile,
baseboards, and tack strips,
all covered in my post HERE,
we now start install.
Thank God we got professionals
for the rest of this job.
Last Thursday afternoon
our tile installer Mark dropped off
our order of Bedrosians
Barrique Gris (aspen Gray) tile, thin set,
and spectralock grout
for an early start on Saturday
we saved some space in our garage for him
 It took Mark 3 trips to Bedrosians to transport it all.

The tile alone was almost 3000 pounds!

 Early Saturday morning Mark
arrived and began scraping the floor.
It was necessary to prep the floor
so the new thin set will have a
solid bond to the slab.
He was removing the old thin set and
a layer of over spray paint and wall texture
still on the floor from when the house us built.
master bathroom
There was quite a bit of it in every room

He scraped, and scraped, and scraped.....

He did take a break from scraping 
to remove the vinyl in the guest bathroom,

guest bathroom
then he scraped some more.
 He removed the vinyl in the laundry room
and scraped some more...
all the way out to the front door.

After he was done prepping the floor
he took a few measurements,
and began cutting tile out on the front porch.

He started to lay out the gray tile
in the master bathroom.
master bath
With faux wood look porcelain tile planks,
you have to stagger it in thirds
to achieve the look of a wood floor.
Mark was cutting the tile to fit
in and around all the little ins and outs
of a regular wall.
Once satisfied with the cuts
he spread the thin set and began laying the gray tile.
It wasn't long before he had
half the floor covered in wood look tile.
He had to let the bathroom tile set for a day
in order to finish the other half.
So in the meantime, he started on the front room.
There were less cuts so he moved quickly.

This is what Mark accomplished by the end of day one.

 On Sunday morning of day two
I found a few sharp corners that stuck up
a little high.
Mark replaces problem tile on day 2
Mark pulled those tiles, scraped the thin set,
and replaced them
with closer attention to the corners.
James scraping the kitchen floor
Mark brought his assistant James on day two
to do the scraping of the kitchen and family room,
while he continued to cut and lay the Bedrosian tile.
Front living room

Master bathroom toilet area.

The master bathroom is done but not grouted.

Mark decides to run two strips of faux wood
gray tile all the way to the back of the house.
wood tile in kitchen and family room

wood tile in kitchen dining area

Mark needed to let this dry and then move the furniture
on top of it to finish the rest of the room.

"We are not happy!"
Elvis and Cher watched all the action
from behind a baby gate
in a spare bedroom.

Mark continues to lay the wood look tile from
the front room into the hall...

then into the laundry room.

With half the laundry room done
he heads back the hall.
Mark stops here for the end of day two...

Check out Part 3 HERE

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An Urban Cottage said...

Very nice! I've seen the "wood" tiles at the tile store and thought it looked pretty good. I think it'll look great when it's all done. Thanks for telling me about it.

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