Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FANG-tastic Find At An Amazing Store

I just ordered some groovy
bat candle holders for next Halloween!
Aren't they just the coolest?
At 19.75'' high for the tall one 
and 15.5'' high for the short one, 
I know they will make quite a statement
next Halloween.
And the price was a steal!
They were $29.99 on sale for $16.99 each,
then at checkout there was an extra 20% off
plus free shipping!
I only paid $29.38 for both!!!
There was tax because the store is owned 
by Home Depot,
and what an awesome online store!
It's called
They have some very unique furniture.
Have a look at just one of their tables,

The Industrial Adjustable-Height Table!
You can raise 
and lower the table 
by just cranking the handle.
At $599 it's a bit on the high side 
but boy, is it cool!
They also have a smaller 
matching accent side table,

for $299.
And a coffee table!
for $499.
Not sure of all the reasons you'd need
to raise and lower a table....but I'm
sure you could think of some 
when friends come over.
Here is their Industrial Maison Coffee Table
"Made to resemble the sort of wheeled cart 
used in factories of old, this rustic piece will make 
an intriguing mark on any decorating concept. "
It sells for $429.
They have much more than industrial furniture, 
I just thought those pieces were very unique.
Here's their Maharaja End Table at $239
It would go beautifully in my 
India inspired room.
Here's a sample of their 
many garden stools.
They also offer a great selection of
bathroom sink vanities

 There's just something for everyone here
check out all the chairs

I love tropical!

I couldn't possibly show it all.
But here's a little more!
How about lighting?
Nice ceiling fixtures.

The Winey Chandelier    *Bottles not included!

and more furniture.

It was fun browsing though their site...
I hope you have fun too.
The prices aren't the cheapest,
but I sure was satisfied with my 
Bat Candle Holder purchase.
I may even order one more item....
Reg. $34.00 on sale for $19.99 minus 20%
decisions, decisions. 

Thanks for stopping by 
and Happy Hunting!

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