Monday, November 4, 2013

Squirrely for Autumn

I just procured a perfect little 
cookie jar for fall.
get one here also in stores
It's the stoneware figural gray squirrel cookie jar
from Target's "Threshold" line.
He's a bit small for a cookie jar but perfect
as a display piece.
Sam has been wanting something other
than turkeys and this cute little squirrel 
fit the bill.
The "Threshold" line has a few other
great little squirrel items for fall.
Check out these salt and pepper shakers,
they compliment the cookie jar nicely,
and these
faux wood figural squirrels,
get them here and in stores
and this nut cracker.
All great for Autumn decorating.
But Wait, 
there's more than just squirrels!
Check out this teal fox cookie jar.
get one here and in stores
I don't know what the fox says,
but your guests will say "D'awww".
They also offer matching 
salt and pepper shakers,
get them here and in stores
and faux wood figurines too.
get these here and in stores
How about this fox handled serving tray?
All of their "Threshold" line can 
mix and match together so nicely.
But I'm just squirrely for that cookie jar!
He goes great with my
stained glass turkey light...
They're now the best of friends!
Thanks for stopping by,
happy hunting!

1 comment :

Nita Stacy said...

Love the squirrel. I had the fox salt and peppers in my hands thinking of buying them a couple of weeks ago and made myself put them back. Cause I don't need them. I wanted them cause they look like Franklin. But I do love the squirrel cookie jar for you.

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