Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bees Are Buzzin' In The Trees

 With the temps in the high 70's 
around the Vegas valley.
Our peach tree has decided 
it's time to start blooming!
Beautiful bursts of color fill every branch.
Which, of course, attracted a grist
of little pollen gatherers. 
It sort of reminds of the lyrics in
 "Bare Necessities" 
 So to quote Baloo from Disney's 
"The Jungle Book", 
"The bees are buzzin' in the tree
 To make some honey just for me
When you look under the rocks and plants
And take a glance at the fancy ants
Then maybe try a few
The bare necessities of life
will come to you
They'll come to you..."
Well I don't want to try any ants
exactly, but I sure do enjoy the
weather right now.
I hope everyone on the east coast
is staying safe and warm.
Thanks for stopping by!

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