Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Goodies on the Halloween Pantry

This Halloween the dry goods pantry acquired a few
new additions and inherited a few old ones.
In the past I would decorate the old 
computer armoire with Halloween nick knacks
and a black cat runner.
But we gave it away this year 
in favor a much larger computer desk.
So I had to integrate its items into other
displays. One being the dry goods pantry...
I added in the Fiesta pumpkin candle holders
with skeleton tapers, the Fiesta black cat bowl, and 
the black cat and pumpkin runner.
It sort of has a "Blair Witch" feel with 
the skeleton candles acting like creepy 
sentinels guarding the witch's house.
Not sure I like that.
This wide shot shows the new plate Sam 
and I found at Hobby Lobby this year.
As well as this new country farm themed 
framed picture from Kirkland's called 

"Pumpkins for Sale" by Billy Jacobs.
It really gives the whole scene 
an eerie farm country vibe.
I moved last year's smaller country picture 
up behind the Fitz and Floyd 
"Halloween Harvest Dracula"  
Now it feels like he's out in the country too.

After some thought, I decided to lighten the 
mood of the pantry scene, so I switched the
skeleton candles to 
the dining table with the apothecary candy jars,
and the Dept 56 crows in party hats
and corn taper candles to the pantry.
It now has a much lighter, more whimsical, feel  
and the corn and crows still incorporate 
seamlessly into the farm theme.
Come on, they're crows in party hats! 
How fun is that!

Dracula got a friend to join him too...
the Fitz and Floyd "Halloween Harvest 
Cat and Pumpkin" S&P shakers.
I think they scale better next to Dracula, 
 they looked huge next to the house cookie jar.
So, what do you think?
Would you have kept the creepy, or do you like 
the whimsical Halloween scene?
Thanks for stopping by and
happy haunting!


Barefoot Yaya said...

I love your blog. If you use a sitemeter type dealie I would be the one checking in incessantly around this time of year to see what you have been up to and what new goodies you have found. We have the same holiday deco taste and I love seeing what things are out there that I don't even know existed. I just thought it was time to say "thank you" for taking the time to post. I have mixed feelings now that you and your wife are on the same work schedule and it limits your time to post. I am happy for you and your wife but... :-)

Adam Hazlett said...

Hi Barefoot Yaya,
Thank you for the kind words! I'm really glad you enjoy my blog and that we have the same tastes. That's one reason I post, to find others who like the same things I do! I do like finding unusual treasures and I'm happy to post about them! I have noticed a few of my favorite blogs have gone dormant. I like to post at least a few times a month, so keep checking in! ;)

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