Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Thanksgiving Pheasant

After seeing Susan's beautiful centerpiece
on her blog "Between Naps On The Porch"
I got dreadfully jealous for her 
white pheasant vase. 
Thankfully I also learned from her blog 
that William Sonoma had it on sale 
right now!!!
I headed right over to their website
and found it on clearance
for $83.99 down from $139.95!
After convincing Sam that we needed one,
we headed over to our 
local brick and mortar that night.
They had two in stock but neither 
still had their original box, 
which I require for storage.
The helpful clerk recommended 
I order online with free shipping
and I'd get one with its box.
We ordered it that night!
It arrived days later and
I must say, It's huge!
Measuring in @ 
21¾'' long x 8¾''wide x 18¾''high
but it is beautiful.
Here it is in dramatic lighting - oooooo!
 I can't wait to mix it into next year's 
Thanksgiving tablescape!

A year ago a friend of mine gave me a
pumpkin truck cookie jar from Pier 1. 
unfortunately it was missing its lid.
So this year Sam and I paid a visit to 
Hobby Lobby and Michael's 
to gather some fall foliage
and turn it into a planter. 

We think it turned out pretty nice!
You can't even tell it was 
supposed to be a cookie jar.

Thanks for stopping by and 
happy hunting!

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