Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gearing up for Halloween

This weekend marks the start of my Halloween decorating,
unfortunately, because of the new floors
going in HERE and my wife wanting to paint the walls,
we have everything topsy turvy.
Things I usually set or hang decorations on are
still out in the garage or covered with tools
and painting supplies.
But I did manage to get the hutch buffet started.
I start with Eden's Halloween table runner
that she made for us last year!
Followed by a new purchase that
I just received in the mail...
A Dept 56  Crows on Corn candy dish.
I found it online at Ghoul Gallery, I was lucky,
I bought the last one!
It compliments my crow candle holders
that I purchased last year.
also from Ghoul Gallery.
It's the only place I've ever seen them,
and they were "retired" in 2005.

 The candy dish has a cute little
smiling pumpkin inside.
which leads me to believe there's more to this set.
Here's a dept 56 tea light holder that I saw online
that looks just like that pumpkin.
And these mugs...
see the same pumpkin there,
along with all these other charcacters?
image form ebay
And here's that same cat from the mug...
I feel this was an extensive unnamed line that
Dept 56 released just before they
stopped production of Halloween collectibles.
Here's more of the collection I was able to find
pictures of....
But I digress, Let us get back to my decorating.
Next I put up the fall wreath
and placed the Kron TV Lamp Owl on his perch...
CREEPY, huh?
Then, I carefully unpacked all the collectibles,
 and arranged them
along the buffet and on the hutch.

There's the crow next to the dish.
 Here's my Anna Lee candy corn elf
next to my
"Frankenstein Stein" mug

Designed by the talented people at
One Hundred 80 Degrees.
He sits across from my
Dept 56 google eye Bride of Frankenstein Bowl From
the "Frankenstein's Laboratory" line.
She is screaming at
 the Pottery Barn mice this year.
With my Halloween hutch/buffet almost done,
  I move on to the dry goods pantry,

I am a big fan of the
Fitz and Floyd "Halloween Harvest" line
The Halloween Harvest Haunted House
Cookie Jar is the biggest jar I own.
I received the matching cat and pumpkin
salt and pepper shakers
free with the purchase of the
cookie jar from many years ago.

The matching Halloween Harvest lidded box witch
I purchased a little later.

 I was fortunate to catch the
Halloween Harvest Dracula at a half off
sale on  They are always
offering great sales.  He would have been way
too expensive otherwise.

I am also the proud owner this year of the
Glitterville stacking Halloween cake plates. 
 I just love the bright colors, and the little silhouettes
match the little silhouettes on the buffet table runner.
Sam won a little money at the slots this summer and
said I could get whatever I wanted, since I
had my eye on this for many years,
I figured, well now's my chance.
Now I just need to learn to make cupcakes.

I'm still decorating...I'll post more later.

Thanks for popping by!
Today I'm joining
The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays

Happy Haunting!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

How many cookie jars does one guy need?
I didn't know Dept 56 stopped their Halloween accessory line. I have the google eye mugs that came out a couple of years before the set you showed. They always had such cute things. I also have google eye jack-o-lantern bowls that came from Michael's one year.

Love the stack of cake pedestals. I love those. I have a cupcake holder I've yet to fill with cupcakes.

TiKiMOOSE said...

It's like asking "How many shoes does one girl need?" I have three or four cookie jars for each big holiday, plus a few for each season.
Plus, a couple of Disney jars. But that's about it! I'm always on the lookout for another one that would look great in my collection!
Yes Dept 56 was in trouble a few years back and ceased production on most lines and closed down their stores...They ended up selling out to Enesco. From there they still create little villages, but no more collectibles like they once did except for some Christmas.

Sol said...

Enjoy looking at all your cookie jars and other items. Awesome music :D Very festive and fun blog!

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