Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red Truck with a Christmas Tree in Back

What is it about an old red truck
with a tree in the back
that just seems to conjure
warm, nostalgic memories of
good ol' Christmases past?
I googled "bringing home the tree" in images,
and a ton of pics popped up 
of just such a scenario.

From photos to ornaments  

and sugar cookies...
Image source   cookies from red truck bakery

Image source  a red truck cookie how to from Bridget
on her blog "Bake at 350" 

to earrings!

To a plate,

and pillows!

To wrapping paper!

To a candle!

To a Soap Pump!!
get one here

get one here

 Even a ride-on peddle car!!!

It just proves that if you want to bring
a Christmas tree home the right way,
you're going to need an old red truck.
While I was Googling,
an image from eBay caught my eye,
and I clicked to investigate.
It was an old timey red pick up truck...
with a tree in the back.
The box revealed It was a
Christmas candy jar from...
"Cracker Barrel Old Country Store"
Circa Unknown.
I thought to myself ,
how handsome this would look
in the Ozark country Christmas
I placed a max bid of $17,
and won it at $10.95!
How cool is that?
 I can imagine it looking right at home
next to the Spode
Train station cookie jar, in front of the
country Christmas picture!
I'll show more when it arrives!
Hope y'all are having a mighty fine
Christmas holiday season!

Update:  Here's what it looks like!!!
My old red truck with a tree in back!
Just perfect, don't you think?
 Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting!
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