Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reindeer Games from Dept 56

Years ago now I was searching on Google
for Christmas ceramic serveware,
and this popped on the screen...
It's a Dept 56 "Reindeer Games"
Chip and Dip server.
circa 2005.
At the time I thought it looked ridiculous,
but over time, it started to grow on me,
and before long I was hooked.
This little whimsical chip and dip bowl
 had to be mine!
Such cute details.
I'm glad to this day I ordered it,
I haven't ever seen it for sale since.
The little 3D ladder looks like a prop
but it's attached as one piece to the bowl
as is the reindeer.
The only part that's separate
is the half an ornament dip bowl.
 It's held in place by a strong magnet.
There are other items in
the "Reindeer Games" series.
Here's a few images
I found on the web.
A cracker server with speaders, a candy dish,
the candle holders are from eBay.
a serving platter, and luncheon plates.
It's quite a festive line.
I only have the chip and dip server,
After all, who could resist that sweet little smile
from such a helpful reindeer?
Thanks for stopping in.
Have a great December.

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