Friday, December 7, 2012

Hanging the BIG Christmas Wreath, a Brown Bat, and Snow

This is our BIG Christmas wreath
Every year I climb a much too short ladder
and hoist this heavy wreath
up to a couple of waiting hooks
under the overhang.
 I balance on the last rung of the little ladder,
holding the wreath in one hand and
hanging on to the roof
for dear life with the other.
Sam and I are compelled to redesign the wreath
every three or four years because of fading
caused by the unrelenting Vegas sun.
This is our candy cane colored addition.
The little reindeer is the only ornament
that has been on every version.
When he was new he was shiny gold,
he has since faded to silver 
and still fits in perfectly.
This is our other wreath...
It's much easier to hang.

Once in 2006 I had to delay hanging the wreath
till our little tenant moved out...
A little brown bat had taken up
residence by day
right at the peak of the overhang.
Can you see his little nose?
He would fly around at night catching bugs
and return the next morning.
One evening, as I was getting the mail,
he swooped down and flew around my head a few times
 then flew away never to return.

I hung the wreath the next day.

Here's our big wreath during the
blizzard of 2008.
Yes, It occasionally snows in Vegas.

May all your decorating be merry and bright!

Thanks for stopping by.

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