Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Good Barter

My friend Ernesto, a client of the shop I work for
was so pleased with the time and energy (and talent)
I gave to help design his logo
that he surprised me one day with a wonderful gift!
eBay image
An Enesco Lionel Steam Engine cookie jar!!!
Isn't that just soooo cool?
You're probably saying right now,
"Boy, it's a good thing you collect cookie jars."
eBay image
Actually, he knew I liked cookie jars.
We got to talking during one of his
logo designing visits, and he showed me
how he was putting together a blog
about his chopper club, where he will use 
the logos I helped him with...
Here's the main one.
Reppohc Cycles is the name of his "brand" 
which is Chopper spelled backwards,
pronounced (Rep-pock).
Here is Ernesto's blog
and another of his logos I helped design.
I showed him that I had a blog too and
explained how I designed certain elements.
He was very impressed and surprised
that I was a cookie jar collector.
I mentioned that just before he came in
I was watching an EBay bid I made
on a Lionel Steam Engine cookie jar,
eBay image
 I only had 2 minutes to go.
Ernesto asked me to check to see if I won...
I lost, to a bid $1 more than mine.
I said not to worry, there were plenty more
on eBay, I'll just start a bid on one of those.
I showed him that my kitchen pantry
Christmas scene needed a cookie jar train
pulling into the cookie jar station.
Well, next thing I know, Ernesto
had his smart phone out and a "buy it now"
Lionel engine cookie jar pulled up on EBay.
He asked if this was a nice one...
eBay image
I confirmed, it was a great one. 
He said "consider it yours" as he pressed
the "buy it now" button.
I was blown away with surprise and gratitude.
He said he pays the front desk for the design time,
but would like to give me something for all my time
and extra attention to his logos.
About a week later he brought in the cookie jar.
I was excited to display it for now on the
dry goods pantry, but I'll tuck it away soon
and reveal it next Christmas.

Another cool thing, this EBay listing included
a salt and pepper shaker too.
 Very awesome!!!

My talent for a cookie jar...
A pretty good trade, don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by
and Happy Hunting! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stupid Cupid!

This is a little Cupid I drew up
along with lyrics from the 1958 song "Stupid Cupid"
by Howard Greenfield and Neil Sedaka.
Hear it Here
Hope everyone has a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I "Heart" My Tidbit Server

With St. Valentine's Day quickly approaching,
It's time to set out one of the few
Valentine decorations I actually have.
A little foldout heart shaped tidbit tray!
We keep it out all year long 
because, we barely notice it up on its
little wall shelf in the family room.
We found it years ago at HomeGoods.
This year I'm sitting it on my new accent table.

With a twist of this little wire heart,
the magic begins...
Well, not magic really, just gravity,
the tidbit trays fall open.
The left side...

then the right side.

Then a simple adjustment of the top tray,
and Voilá!
A two tiered heart shaped server!

I add three paper heart shaped doilies,
and some seasonal candy favorites.

Do you "LUV" conversation hearts candy? 
"I DO"
and some strawberry/chocolate hearts
from Dove on the bottom tier.

NOW I'm ready for St. Valentine's Day!

Hope you all have a LOVEly holiday!
Thanks for stopping by
and Happy Hunting!

Joining Susan

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our New Candle Holder

Sam and I found this awesome 
elephant tea-light holder at
 Pier 1 Imports this weekend.
I just love the details,
the little dormer windows and cupola
in the lantern are precious, and 
 the adornment on the elephant's back and 
top of head is a crackle glass mosaic that
 adds a little extra sparkle.
It will look great next to my new
India poster.
And the best part,
It was on clearance!!!
Regular price was $32.00
it is now $23.98.
At Pier 1, any price ending in ".98"
is a clearance price.
So don't wait long to get yours!
I put a little LED votive candle inside
and it looks wonderful, it sets a mood
like a Disneyland special effect.
It's practically perfect in every way!

Thanks for visiting,
and Happy Hunting!
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