Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year , Happy New Cookie Jar

I found a new Cow cookie jar.

Nothing special, just a cow,
but what a lovely cow!
I'll call her Bessie.

I've had my eye on her for some time. 
But didn't like her price or her shipping cost.
Sadly after a few years
many sites started to list her as "sold out".
My guess is,
she is out of production and stock is dwindling.
I started to tell myself I didn't need her anyway.

From time to time I would google
"cow cookie jar"
and just by chance, one search led me
to a cute little sight called
"About Time Farm Mercantile"
Where the shoppe proprietor,
the lovely Ms. Sharon Havel,
was having a HUGE sale
had the cow cookie jar I'd been seeking.

 Her stock of cow cookie jars 
were marked down to
with shipping coming to $6.75!
 combined, that's less than most sites were charging
for the cow alone.

Needless to say,
Bessie now resides in the Ozark managerie.
and "About Time Farm Mercantile"
is on my favorites list.

Hope Everyone had a Great New Year's celebration!!!
 I didn't have a cow this year,
because Sharon HAD a cow!
Ee i ee i oh!
alright I'll stop now....

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