Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flameless Candles with a Flame

From the "Well Whaddya Know" department:

My wife and I were at the mall last night
and wandered into the Brookstone store.
They always have such cool gizmos and gadgets.

But among the magnetic pens
and vibrating back massagers
I spied  
 these flickering candles by Luminara.
For just a moment
I thought they were really burning.

I've seen those LED candles that
have a little bulb inside that "flickers"
and dims to mimic a real candle.
These candles were very different,
they actually had an exposed flame that looked real!

Actually it was a small white thin
piece of plastic shaped like a flame.
It hangs loosely, or dangles,  from a tiny metal rod.

Inside the candle,
little magnets use "electromagnetic technology".
to keep the flame constantly moving and bouncing about.
get one here and/ or get one here
A small hidden LED
shines a constant intense bright spot
of light on the moving plastic flame.
The moving of the flame gives it
the flicker effect of a real candle. 

Best faux candle effect I've seen so far!
They are made of real scented wax
and are battery operated
with a built in timer that you can set
to turn on and off at the same time
each night.
Perfect for Christmas decorating.
I've discovered online that several
colors are available for all seasons!
Brookstone won't have them for long so 
check them out at Luminara's website HERE,
and QVC's website HERE.
And at Pottery Barn HERE
I did find a youtube video of this candle

Thanks for stopping by,
Happy Hunting!

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