Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Enchanted Tiki (Bed) Room

I found a marvelous lamp that I would
love to add to my bedroom decor.
It's the "Dale Tiffany Three Parrots Table Lamp".
Funny how it's called parrots but features toucans.
Nevertheless, toucans are my favorite bird.
I am also a HUGE fan of
Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room.
Which has parrots as stars but also
features happy little toucans in the chorus.
  I 've even decorated  my our bedroom around this theme.
Some years ago my wife and I were in the Enchanted Tiki Room
waiting for the show to start and I turned to my wife and said,
"I want our bedroom to look like this!"
An older lady in front of us, having overheard what I said,
turned to my wife and said "I feel sorry for you dear."
Of course I didn't want it to look exactly
like the Tiki Room, Just have the tropical feel
of the Tiki Room meets Tommy Bahama.
For furniture, I started with the
 Ethan Allen British Classics Collection
This is the Coco Accent table.
It was my first purchase in the collection.
 I just love the pineapple motif and
overall tropical flare of the line.
This is my nightstand, the Cayman Night Table.
The rich tone is from the cinnabar stain.
we also have the Dawson dresser and armoire
I'm still saving for the Montego bed,
I have a long way to go... a very long way....

A year ago in an effort to mimic the Tiki room
I purchased this Tiffany style hanging bird accent lamp
stained glass tiki bird
Someday I would like to paint the metal finish
to look like bamboo but I'm quite the laggard,
and a little intimidated by the task,
so it may never get a faux finish.

I am also the lucky owner of a
Disneyland's 50th anniversary
limited edition 
Juan, the Barker Bird, replica.
Juan the barker bird
Juan is designed by the talented team of
 Jody Daily & Kevin Kidney
Jody and Kevin

They have a deep affection for the Tiki Room,

and have designed a number of collectibles

Harriet Burns with the original Juan the barker bird

Walt Disney with Juan the barker bird

inspired by the Tiki Room....

Jaun the barker bird over the Tiki Room entrance

My barker bird in my bedroom...

I  have a few of their mugs,
that I display in the bedroom as well.

I own the Rongo Bowl

the Tiki Totem

the Pele mug

here's mine, I found her on Ebay

and the Adventureland mug.
I also have a few toucan figurines
from Fitz and Floyd, and Lenox
and a Pier 1 toucan mobile.

Plus I have a monkey collection
mixed in with the birds,
but that's a post for another day.

I'll share some actual bedroom photos once my
camera is out of the shop.

But I digress,
 Don't you think this toucan
lamp would feel right at home
in my tropical bedroom?

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