Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, after my trip home 
where I decorated my parents' home,
I jumped right into decorating my place.
After work on Friday I start 
packing away all of Thanksgiving.
Then on Saturday morning I bring in
all the boxes full of Christmas goodies.
I unpack everything and display.
That takes most of the day because of all
the unpacking from their original boxes
plastic bags and Styrofoam.
Sunday morning the lights and garland
go up on the house.
That takes about 3 hours.
Then I bring in and start building the tree.
 I unfold every branch on one level 
till it looks nice and full 
then move to the next level.
By this time my back is aching 
and I'm losing interest in Christmas
but I can't stop now.
I have to string lights on the tree.
That's about ten strings
where I try to wrap each limb and
I fuss over the bubble lights
to make them stand straight up.
Another two to three hours.
After that I go outside and replace 
the burned out bulbs on the house.
Have you ever plugged in a string of lights 
and only half the string lights up?
This year only half of my pine garland lit up.
Here's what I use as a life saver..
I have owned "The Lightkeeper Pro" for four years
and have used it with success every year.
It will sense which bulb is burned out along the string, 
it beeps as you pass over the culprit.
You can also plug a bulb socket from the string
into this "gun" and pull the trigger.
It sends a surge through the string and trips 
the bypass on the burned out bulb,
causing the rest of the string to light up.
I'm telling you it works! 
You can usually find the "Lightkeeper Pro"
 at Lowes or Home Depot or online.
Now that the hard part's done,
the family will help decorate the tree
sometime during this week.
Then I get to haul all the boxes
out to the garage.
To quote Professor Hinkle,
"Busy, Busy, Busy"
Thanks for stopping by
and Merry Christmas!

1 comment :

Nita Stacy said...

I wish I had one of those light fixer pros right now. Just got the white tree up and lots of the lights aren't working. How can they be working when I take the tree down and yet when I go to put it up the next year...they don't work? I store the tree in the house too! I am one step away from throwing it away.

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