Monday, December 16, 2013

The Nickel Tour of Christmas Around the Living Room

We begin our tour with this yummy little candy dish
on the console table behind the couch!
I just want to eat him up he looks so sweet.
 He's the Dept 56 "Hot Cocoa Snowman" candy jar.
I got him a few years ago, when I was on a search for 
a Christmas candy I have lots!
As we zoom out I spy...
 Cher on the back of the couch!
She's enjoying a rest and wondering who
I'm talking to.
A little tilt up and we see the large mirror 
decked with boughs of holly and eucalyptus.
I got the little wooden animal garland at Pier One
years ago now.  I like it because it goes well
with my India inspired theme in here with its elephants
and camels(?) and donkeys(?).
As we pan right,
 check out the huge faux poinsettia bush!
I used to put them around a fake ficus tree 
every year till Sam threw it out.
It was her idea to stick them in the elephant vase,
and I must say....I like her thinking!
Continue panning right and we see the 
merry group on top of the curio.
The bear is from JC Penney and the 
solider is a stacked candy container we found
at Sam's Club last year.  He's empty now
but I liked his scale more than his candy. 
Tilting down, inside the curio we catch a glimpse 
of the "Amusements Retro Robots" 
Christmas ornaments.
I found them at Hobby Lobby last year.  
Very steam punk.
The next shelf down we find the jolly little 
retro snowman bubble light by Bruce Elsass' 
The Hobgoblins Collection for Bethany Lowe. 
Based on a plastic light from the 1950s.
eBay image
Next to him I put a big red bow on
The Fitz and Floyd "Exotic Jungle"
 tiger lidded box.
Out of the curio and a little further right
 is the poinsettia garland strung across the tapestry.
The ornaments are hand blown glass,
from Pier One four years ago.
Just below the tapestry are new Christmas stems 
Sam and I found at Hobby Lobby this week.  
Not sure what they are, maybe Bayberry
stems or white Christmas berry stems.
We needed something for that vase
and I didn't want more poinsettias.
Also sound asleep in front is the Fitz and Floyd
"Old Fashion Santa" candy jar.
On this side of the room a beautiful tiger is
staring at a beautiful tiger on the
wall across the room...
The "Le Tigre Royal" print by Paul Jouve,
a JC Penney find back in 1999,
is festooned with more
holly and eucalyptus garland and
glass icicles, giving it an air of merriment.

That concludes our nickel tour,
I hope you had fun.
 Please exit through the gift shop,
and enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

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