Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fat Cat Ornaments

I found these three fat cat ornaments, 
a few years ago now,
it was at a pop-up Christmas store 
that was gone by January.
I saw them hanging there,
 just begging to come home with me.
Here's the gray tabby fat cat ornament.

They look so cuddly just hanging around. 

 But yet clueless with little 
pink tongues sticking out.
Here's the yellow fat cat ornament.

They cause me to laugh when I look at them.

I just love their short little legs.

Here's the calico fat cat ornament.

Like funny parade balloons full of hot air,
with such sweet faces.
Cher doesn't like cats.
But she tolerates the ones on the tree.
Hope you all have a Happy
Christmas with many blessings.
Thanks for stopping by.
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