Monday, October 7, 2013

Something New on the Halloween Hutch

I know, you're saying, "Hey, that's the same hutch
you blog about every year."
True it is.
Except, I have a few new residents 
I'd like to introduce to you.
Do you see him there, upside-down
with a big toothy grin?

He's the "Batty For Halloween" bat ornament from
this year's Hallmark collection.
I just couldn't resist that face.
Plus his little wings wiggle
when he's moved....awwww!
I have so few bats
I just had to have him at first sight!

A little further down
we find Miss Owl ready for a party.
The Dept. 56 Google Eye Witch Owl candy server,
 circa 2005.
She holds lollipops and candy in her wings.
I put off buying her for many years,
but I'm glad I did.
She's a happy addition to the rest of the
Ozark "google eye" collection and
my first lollipop server.

 And finally on the buffet we find the
One Hundred 80 Degrees
"Frankenstein Bowl with Knife Spreader".
Part of their now retired,
bowl with spreader line of three.
The knives pull out of a slot on the side.

I love that big mouth 

and I'm partial to the Frankenstein Monster. 
I was lucky to find him last year for an
irresistible clearance price!

So you see?
It's not the same hutch as last year.
There are a few new treasures to behold.

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Haunting!

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Nita Stacy said...

What fun! Love all your Halloween things!

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