Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween M&M's Discovered at Amy's Gourmet Apples!

In a post I wrote a year ago HERE,
I lamented about the disappearance of
Halloween colored M&M's.
Oh sure, they offer the "Harvest Blend"
more info here
full of fall colors,
but they're just not the right colors 
for Halloween.
I haven't been able to find Halloween
M&M's anywhere for the past three years
till I stumbled upon
It appears that Amy's has a secret supply
of Halloween M&M's.
Both the "Pumpkin Blend"
with faces on orange and black M&M's
and the "Cool Ghouls Blend"
Check These Babies Out!
Oh...yeah, they have the "Harvest Blend" too....yaaay.
Look at those colors!
Am I right? Don't those Halloween colors
work so much better for Halloween?
Orange and Black, So perfect!
and Amy's
 "Spooky Halloween M&M Caramel Apple"
WOW! the colors POP!
With the added lime green and purple, 
they have achieved perfection for Halloween!
They are simply to die for!

Hopefully Mars & Murrie will get the hint
that we would love to have the Halloween colored
M&M's reinstated as a Halloween tradition,
and restore a festive atmosphere to 
our Halloween candy bowls!
okay....rant part two, over.

Hope you all are having a great
Halloween season!
Thanks for stopping in!

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