Thursday, October 3, 2013

Burlap Pumpkin Halloween Lights

Odds Bodkins and Gadzooks!
Check out these spook of spooks.
get these here
They are the cutest
Jack O' Lantern String Lights
I've ever seen, and
only available at Pottery Barn.
Those stitched up little smiles are so adorable.
The burlap makes them seem
so folksy and old fashioned,

even though I know, they never had such
a thing back in the day.
They just seem more authentic then
the plastic pumpkin lights I have
hanging across my porch.

Pottery Barn has offered
get them here

burlap lights before.
get these here
But I think the little pumpkins
are the winners of the charm contest.
I don't even think the black witch hat lights
would show up on a dark night.

PB's Floating Candle Lights
get these here
create a ghostly "Sleepy Hollow" type ambiance.
However, in order to see them you'll need to
have a well lit room.

Yes siree, nothing is better then an
inter-illuminated pumpkin light..
on a dark Halloween night.

Thanks for stopping by
and Happy Hunting!

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