Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Happy Halloween 2013

After finding this Halloween Poem 
from a vintage greeting card posted online,
I thought it would work perfectly
with my ghoul and and his toad friend I drew
a few years ago.
I just reworked the layout a little
and I think the results are

It reads
"On Halloween if you hear a noise,
Don't stop and look behind you.
Because there's lots of awful things,
That'd just be glad to find you."
-author unknown

A Jolly Hallowe'en to all!
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"You Want a WHAT?!!"

Last January my parents called and asked
what I would like for my birthday.
As my mom works for QVC taking phone orders,
 I knew she would get a great discount on an item
I'd been wanting for many years,
so I asked...
Do you notice anything new on the pantry
that wasn't there last year 
in the picture below?
Last Halloween it was a case of
"One of these things is not like the other"
wasn't it?
If you guessed stained glass pumpkin light,
It's the Meyda Tiffany "Jack O' Lantern"
Tiffany Style Stained Glass Accent Lamp.
I'd been watching it go up in price
over the years...
and was thrilled when I saw QVC had it
on their website at a "better" price of $98.
A strange thing to ask for on your birthday
and especially in January I'll admit,
But Hey, here it is today, 
and I LOVE it!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

And thank you for stopping by.

Happy Haunting!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween M&M's Discovered at Amy's Gourmet Apples!

In a post I wrote a year ago HERE,
I lamented about the disappearance of
Halloween colored M&M's.
Oh sure, they offer the "Harvest Blend"
more info here
full of fall colors,
but they're just not the right colors 
for Halloween.
I haven't been able to find Halloween
M&M's anywhere for the past three years
till I stumbled upon
It appears that Amy's has a secret supply
of Halloween M&M's.
Both the "Pumpkin Blend"
with faces on orange and black M&M's
and the "Cool Ghouls Blend"
Check These Babies Out!
Oh...yeah, they have the "Harvest Blend" too....yaaay.
Look at those colors!
Am I right? Don't those Halloween colors
work so much better for Halloween?
Orange and Black, So perfect!
and Amy's
 "Spooky Halloween M&M Caramel Apple"
WOW! the colors POP!
With the added lime green and purple, 
they have achieved perfection for Halloween!
They are simply to die for!

Hopefully Mars & Murrie will get the hint
that we would love to have the Halloween colored
M&M's reinstated as a Halloween tradition,
and restore a festive atmosphere to 
our Halloween candy bowls!
okay....rant part two, over.

Hope you all are having a great
Halloween season!
Thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Few More Halloween Collectibles

One last corner of my living room 
that I haven't shown yet this Halloween,
is the console table behind the sofa.
 As we look past Cher to the small spooky
vignette under the World Market India umbrella, 
we see a collection of Halloween gimcracks 
that I jumbled together in a desperate attempt
to find a place for everything.
First we have a Fitz and Floyd Witch candy jar 
from their "Boo" collection circa 2010

I found her two years ago 
at HomeGoods for only $5.99!  
How lucky was that? 
The bargain goblins must have taken pity on me.

Next to the witch is the red mercury glass owl, 
Sam and I went nuts last year collecting 
a bunch of different colors at HomeGoods,
a parliament of red, orange, gold, and brown.
The lantern of jacks behind the owl, I found at 
Target many years ago.  
It holds a tea light candle 
to burn on dark Halloween nights.

The gem of this collection is by far,
the paper mache skeleton candy container
I found on Ebay.
By Bruce Elsass for Bethany Lowe.
He's quite a sight at 9½'' tall with an
 area in his rib cage to hold sweet treats.
Bethany Lowe catalog image
With his nifty hat and mask 
he's ready to party!
I adore many of Bruce Elsass's creations,
he's very talented and such a character.
That's him at Boofest '09 with his artist pals 
Joanna Parker, Dee Foust, and Vergie Lightfoot.
This is the first year I put the skeleton in the
living room,
and I think he looks right at home
among his new friends.
Thanks for stopping by
and Happy Haunting!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween Time At Disneyland 2012 & MY 100th POST

Last year, after Sam hit a small jackpot at the slots,
she decided to surprise me for our anniversary
with a 3 day Disney Destinations trip to Disneyland
and Disney California Adventure!
We had an especially wonderful time
because the parks were right in the middle of
their Halloween Time celebration.
In Downtown Disney they were
busy making some tasty candy apple treats
with a Halloween theme.
At Marceline's Confectionery window,
the apple from Snow White,
Mickey getting his marshmallow ears,
& Jack Skellington getting coated.
A very busy kitchen.
We pulled ourselves away from the window 
wiped the drool off our faces and 
headed toward the Disneyland main gate.
It was adorned with the fab five as pumpkins.

Fall bunting and 
pumpkins were everywhere!

This fellow, 
refused to move, for Sam
 to get a clear shot of Jack O' Lantern Mickey.

Themed Jacks were all around Main Street.
We grabbed breakfast at 
The Carnation Cafe.
Eggs and beacon for me...
Mickey waffle for Samantha.
Then it was on to a fun filled day.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Festooning The Walls With Halloween

When Autumn arrives, I deck the walls with garland
full of fall leaves and berries.
It's the same 13 year old garland we bought
to decorate the tables at
our wedding reception in October 2000.
It breaks in a new place every year so I use
green floriest wire to mend it back together.
During October, it easily turns more festive
when I use ornament hooks to hang retro
Halloween die cut decorations
from the swags.
It really adds a great pop of color,
and saves on tape!
 I fell for this Cat and Jack O' Lantern garland
 after seeing it on Pumpkin Rot's Blog
as one of his HomeGoods finds.
I was thrilled to have found one for myself
at T.J.Maxx a year later!
It's made of quilted felt and really quite nice.
Speaking of HomeGoods,
Sam and I found this great Owl vase there
during the summer.
I thought instantly of putting it up on the
pot shelf at Halloween.
Because Sam won't let me
buy something if I don't have a
good place figured out for it to go.
I can't believe how great its color matched
the smiling cat sign that I've had for years.
Hope you're having a great Halloween season.
Thanks for popping in
Happy Haunting!
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A New Flat Surface to Gussy Up for Halloween

With the acquisition of an accent table 
I suddenly have a brand new surface
 to decorate!!!
I wasted not a minute in filling said surface
with select Halloween Bric-à-brac.

First check out my new 
"Going Batty" lace table cloth!
From Heritage Lace Halloween
I was hoping it would make a statement,
and I think it looks Fangtastic!

Next, from Radko, 
Hey, what's that penny doing there?!!
I have the Esmerelda Halloween candy box.
A red face witch head modeled after
 a vintage paper die cut decoration.
It was part of the Radko Shiny Bright line.
I ordered it years ago from,
Along with my Cat O' Lantern Cookie Jar.
Back when he offered unique retro items
based on vintage designs.

I simply love this skeleton candelabra,
I ordered it years ago from Red Envelope.
He came with 20 replacement candles
but I have never tried to light them.
Right after I ordered it went on sale,
so I called and they gave me 
a refund of the sale price difference.
Then, a week later, it went clearance!
I called again, 
and they gladly gave me an additional
refund of the clearance price difference.
How awesome is that?
All in all, I have a fantastic prop 
for a really great price 
and got wonderful customer service.

Behind ol' Skelly, we find a smiling crow
on a cheery Jack O' Lantern.
From The Stone Bunny Inc.  I think I scored 
it at Ross ten or so years ago.
I just wonder what he's smiling about?
I must say,
This is a very happy bunch, everything is smiling...

They must all love Halloween as much as I do!

Thanks for popping in,
Happy Haunting!

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